The Ridgecrest360 web-based product from Ridgecrest Review allows a company to run advanced, 360 degree employee feedback projects for large numbers of employees. Ridgecrest360 automates the feedback process by making reviewer assigning, feedback providing, results downloading and analyzing, and project administering easy and intuitive.

Implementing a 360 degree feedback system is a daunting task. Ridgecrest360 provides user-friendly, comprehensive forms and real-time reports for all stages of a project. Supervisors, HR personnel, the project administrator, and project owner have privileged access to their own unique set of tabular and graphical feedback results for individuals and highly configurable groups. The multiple and comprehensive administrative reports allow for maximizing constructive feedback.

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HR Management

Ridgecrest360 has all the features needed to implement a best-in-class 360 degree multi-feedback process at any company.

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Company performance improves when employees work for common goals and become better team members.

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Managers and Employees

Ridgecrest360 provides multi-level, constructive feedback from many work colleagues of each employee.

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Product Demos

Are you looking for a 360 degree employee review tool to help your managers and their subordinates aim for the same organizational targets and goals?

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